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When life’s problems
Seem bigger and tougher
Than you
Your attitude will determine
If you will get through

When life’s obstacles
Consume and intimidate you
Your commitment is needed
To get you through

When you are terrified
And discouraged with life
Don’t ever give up
Keep your eyes on the prize

Whatever curve ball
Life throws at you
Keep pressing forward
Find the hero in you

A Collection Of Poems: A Journey Through Life - (C) 2018


The Hero Within



Writing is my way of expressing my deepest feelings.

My book A collection Of Poems: A Journey Through Life addresses the struggles we face and ways to cope.

The message throughout my book encourages readers to never let go of hope.



I love music - Singing has always been my passion, my first love.

My goal is to produce music that will inspire, uplift and bring love and healing to our world.




   A Bird Set Free

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